Top 5 Famous Food in Noida

famous food in noida

Whether you’re looking for a cake, doughnut, or Kebab in Noida, you’re sure to find them in this article. Many of these foods can be ordered online, so you don’t have to leave your home to get the best one. Fast food has become a staple of our lives, and many of the famous foods in Noida are fast food joints. Mc Donald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Pizza Hut are some of the famous fast food restaurants in Noida. Of course, the café scene in Noida is equally impressive, with Costa Coffee being one of the most popular cafes in the city. Lets checkout top 5 famous food in Noida

Cakes | Send cake to your loved ones

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Cake Delivery in noida

There are many ways to send cake to your loved ones. If you’re looking for the best service, you can try ordering a cake online. You can find the best online cake delivery services in Noida by visiting their website. You can read customer reviews and ratings about them and decide if they are a good choice for your needs. Online delivery of cakes is also safe and secure. There’s no reason why you should worry if you’re ordering a cake from an Cakesportal.

If you’re looking for a quality online cake delivery service, look no further than WarmOven. Their delicious cakes are handcrafted and made fresh each day. And you can choose from a wide selection of flavors. From Red Velvet to chocolate truffle, from butterscotch to vanilla, there’s a cake for every occasion. You can even customize a cake with the recipient’s name and favorite color.

Doughnuts | Decadent Treat

Doughnuts in noida
Doughnuts in noida

If you are looking for a place where you can indulge in a decadent treat then Doughnuts in Noida are the perfect choice. Noida is known for its diverse cuisines and you can enjoy a variety of different varieties in this city. Whether you’re looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth or want a quick breakfast or lunch, you’ll find some excellent options in Noida.

The most famous doughnut chain in India has opened its branches in Noida. Its flagship store is at Connaught Place and the other two outlets are in Greater Kailash-1 and Saket. Both the restaurants serve doughnuts as well as coffee and sandwiches. In FY13, the company plans to open 10 new stores and is experimenting with different formats. However, the concept of serving doughnuts for breakfast is still very much relevant to Indians.

Kebab | Satisfy Your Hunger

Kebab in noida
Kebab in noida

Looking for kebabs in Noida? Then order them online and have them delivered at your doorsteps! Whether you want a delicious chicken or lamb kebab, you can find them at a wide range of restaurants. Kebabs are a great way to satisfy your hunger and keep you full for hours! Choose the best delivery restaurant for Kebabs in Noida today! Here are some ideas to make your order go as smoothly as possible!


Kulfi in noida
Kulfi in noida

One of the best places to eat in the city is the famous Kulfi shop in Moet’s. This tiny stall is just below the Moet’s staircase. This place churns out a delicious kulfi falooda, and you’ll want to try it regardless of whether you’re having a fancy meal or not. Here, you’ll find four different types of kulfi to try, including black currant, lychee, anjeer, and paan.

Another famous Kulfi shop is Roshan Di Kulfi. This establishment is one of Noida’s oldest, and is known for its rich selection of street foods and sweets. It focuses on hygiene and purity while serving its desserts. The place is known for its many varieties of refreshing kulfis, all made with organic ingredients. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you come to Roshan Di Kulfi.

There are a number of other famous kulfi shops in Noida, but Roshan Di Kulfi is one of the oldest. Located near the Ichiban metro station, this stall serves traditional kesariya kulfi and plain faluda. Other kulfi shops in Noida include Rajasthani State, where you’ll find a stall serving creamy matka and nutty stick kulfi. Evergreen Sweets, for example, serves kulfi falooda.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken in noida
Butter Chicken in noida

There are two iconic dishes that are the most popular in Noida –

Mutton Curry and Butter Chicken. This dish started out as an ode to earthy flavours and was later taken to Gurgaon and then to Noida. Now the city’s foodie scene is flooded with a slew of restaurants offering this dish. This article will look at some of the best chicken eateries in Noida.

If you have never experienced a Murg Lababdar chicken dish, you are missing out! This delicious dish originates from the Bengal region and is famous throughout North India. It’s incredibly tasty, with a creamy white gravy that literally makes your taste buds surrender. Almost every restaurant in Noida serves this delicacy, which is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and satiated. In Noida, you can find this chicken dish at just about every hotel.

In Old Delhi, you can find a restaurant called Moti Mahal that serves delicious butter chicken. This restaurant specializes in this dish and has two locations in the capital. It’s a small eatery that’s branched out into a decent restaurant. The dishes here range from the famous butter chicken to kebabs and naan. You’ll be able to get a butter chicken meal for under Rs300 – a very good value.


If you are looking for a great place to eat, then you can visit the Fly Dining in Noida Sector 38A. It is a unique concept of dining 160 feet above the ground. The table is raised by crane and a less wide central passage allows the staff to move freely. Nikhil Kumar, the man behind the concept, first saw the concept in Dubai two years ago. He immediately envisioned this type of dining in Noida, where he opened Fly Dining.