Why Plum Cake For Christmas?

plum cake

Why plum cake? Well, it has its origins from the Christmas celebrations and the preparation of this dessert begins at least a month before the holiday. In preparation for this dessert, dry fruits and nuts are soaked in alcohol. Then, once the cake is baked, these soaked ingredients are added to the batter. Traditionally, this dessert has a rich and delicious aroma. In fact, the flavor of plum cake is often compared to that of cinnamon.


Plum cakes are a traditional part of the Christmas celebration and date back to medieval times. The recipe for the dessert came about during a time when people observed a period of fasting, which allowed them to save their energy for the heavy Christmas feast. In those days, a large quantity of dried fruit and oats was mixed with spices and honey to make a dense and filling dessert. People traditionally baked the cake on the eve of Christmas.


One of the best desserts at Christmas celebrations is the plum cake. This festive dessert has many variants and can be made with or without alcohol. It is traditionally made with all-purpose flour, but there are healthier alternatives, such as oats, coconut, or almond flour. Instead of butter, you can substitute it with healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, or coconut. This recipe will turn out moist and delicious no matter what you choose to put in it.


Preparation of plum cake for Christmas is a simple process. You should have some knowledge about baking and preparing desserts. To begin with, make sure you have the ingredients ready. A 200mm (8″) cake tin works well for this recipe. To make it easier to demould, use a butter paper to line the tin. To make the cake extra moist, soak dried fruit in orange or black juice. Also, you may want to add some orange juice or spices.


If you want to enjoy the aroma of Christmas, you can try making a delicious plum cake. Plum cake is a traditional dessert and is loaded with rum, giving it a boozy flavour and aroma. You can also add some roasted dry fruit or nuts, and sugar icing for the ultimate Christmas cake experience. If you want to avoid the boozy taste and aroma, there are healthier alternatives to plum cake that still have the same flavor and aroma.

Health benefits

If you’re hosting a Christmas celebration this year, you might be wondering how to make a healthy plum cake. One great option is to substitute the white sugar with a healthier alternative like almond flour. This flour is packed with protein and fiber. Plus, it gives the cake a unique flavor. So, whether you want a healthy version of the classic plum cake or one with a more earthy flavor, try almond flour.


The origin of the plum cake is mysterious. Its recipes are still a mystery, but one thing is certain: it is delicious. During the medieval times, it was common for people to fast and abstain from any form of indulgence. This was supposed to prepare their bodies for the overindulgence that comes with Christmas. In the Middle Ages, the Christmas celebration was marked by a traditional dessert called plum cake.


A historical context for the development of plum cake can be traced back to Roman times. A traditional version of Christmas pudding was made from dried fruit, oats, and spices, and was known as plum cake. As a luxury food, plums and other dried fruit were expensive, and a traditional Christmas cake contained half of its total weight. During the medieval period, English households began to create fruitcakes with almond sugar paste and other ingredients, including seasonal dried fruits and spices. By the 17th century, plum cakes had become a staple part of the Christmas celebration.