How to Make Black Forest Cake Easily

How to Make Black Forest Cake

If you’re wondering how to make black forest cake, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over the ingredients, preparation, and storage of this classic dessert. But first, let’s talk about the recipe. Kirsch Cherry Liqueur is essential to the flavor of this sweet treat, and it can be substituted with extra sugar from the cherry syrup. To make the black forest cake’s soft sponge texture, you’ll need cake flour, a type of soft flour with a lower protein content than all-purpose flour.


The most famous Black Forest Cake recipe features dark cherries in a syrup and a generous layer of vanilla whipped cream. This combination makes for an incredibly moist cake without being too sweet. If you can’t find canned dark cherries, you can substitute the juice of fresh cherries. If the canned cherries are not available, you can use light corn syrup instead of the heavy syrup. However, this cake is not a true Black Forest Cake without the syrup.

To make this decadent and sophisticated cake, you will need two 9-inch round cake pans and three cups of whipped cream. Prepare your cherries and warm coffee. Then, add them to the mixture. While the cake takes over an hour to bake, it will be worth it! For a delicious black forest cake, you must pit and quarter the cherries. For an extra chocolaty flavor, you can also use dark cherries.


To make this tasty cake, you need to combine sugar with unsweetened cocoa powder. This will provide the same texture as the chocolate cake, while baking soda and salt will help it rise. Cherry juice or liqueur can be substituted for the cherry juice. Heavy whipping cream is essential for the cake’s fluffy texture and is recommended over granulated sugar. It will be safer to use stabilized whipped cream, which will not break down as easily as regular whipped cream.

Chocolate shavings are optional, but they look great on this Black Forest Cake. Using a knife or grater, shave chocolate over the cake to form a decorative border. Then, using a skewer, test its doneness. Before assembling the cake, chill it for an additional three to four minutes. Once the cake is cool, cut it into 8-10 portions. If you have any leftovers, store the cake in the refrigerator until needed.


A black forest cake is a rich dessert made with fresh whipped cream, sweetened cherries, and chocolate. When stored properly, it can keep for about three to four days. However, if the cake is layered, it will continue to moisten and have a higher chance of spoiling. To prevent this, use stabilized whipped cream. When storing a black forest cake, always make sure that it is in an air-tight container.

Because the cake contains whipped cream, it doesn’t freeze well. However, chocolate sponge cake can be wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen for a couple of months. Make sure to keep the egg whites from being overbeaten, because these tiny air bubbles act as leaving agents. You want to keep the whites slightly stiff but not over-beaten, as overbeating will cause them to pop. For a cake with a whipped cream filling, you may wish to place the pans on the center rack of the freezer to prevent damage to the cake.

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